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Credit: Enixan Entertainment.

Thank you for stopping by the Golden Frontier Sparkly Wiki. This site is intended to provide comprehensive information on the Facebook Golden Frontier game. It is not necessary to join this wiki in order to see any of the fabulous information contained within - simply click on one of the shiny, pretty links and it will whisk you away to whatever you seek!

Please note: We are not affiliated with Golden Frontier's developer, Enixan Entertainment in any way. We are simply a group of players who love the game and want to provide the best information to current and future players as possible. All photos herein used with permission from Enixan Entertainment,

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Current Update


Dear friends!
Vlad decided to visit our game again. Prepare special accommodations for him - buy House of fear and enter new Top-100. Children in costumes will give you Paper bats in exchange for candies. Collect as many as you can to get to the Top and win great prices. Meet our update ALL SAINTS' EVE!

In this update:

  • New building: House of fear
  • New decorations: Carnival cart and Ghost
  • New festival with unique prizes

Hurry up, All Saints' Eve will end in a two weeks!

Latest News

10/20 Golden frontier developers are asking for feedback on the Treasure of the North update. Please use the link to share your thoughts!

10/15 Golden Frontier developers are asking for feedback on the October festival update. Please use the link to share your thoughts!

10/7 - Golden Frontier developers are asking for feedback on the newest update (Observatory). Please use this link to share your thoughts!

7/17 - Numbers for Musical Update have been added.

7/9 - Numbers for Football Update have been added. Prize info for placing to come.

7/2 - Numbers for Family Picnic have been added.

Sleepy Bear
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Oooh you're gonna want to wake THIS bear!

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